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My relationship with music began when I was 3 years old and my mother made me a uniform so that I could sing with her in the church’s ladies choir. She had no choice since I cried whenever she left me with my brothers to go sing. So there I was, on her hip, unbeknownst to her, listening and learning the closed gospel harmonies. This developed an avid interest in harmony and choral music. Since age 13, I have directed and/or formed 7 gospel choirs on the local and national level in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.


In additional to this, I hold both instructional and administrative experience in arts education; having served as the web/branding coordinator for Dorinda Clark Cole's Singers & Musicians Conference of the Arts, in partnership with the Berklee College of Music. My community service in the arts extends into my involvement with Carnegie Hall in New York City as a music ambassador.


At Montgomery College, I was a section leader and vocal arranger of the Montgomery College Chorus, Chamber Singers and MC World & Jazz Ensembles. I am also a founding member of the acapella group B Natural. Vocal arrangement is one of my favorite activities and I have spent the better part of my years enhancing the sound of gospel choirs, groups and vocal ensembles. My academic background has been an asset in the continuity of this endeavor.


The next step in my academic journey is graduate research in the use of music as a pedagogical and therapeutic tool in behavior modification and cultural education within educational and community settings. My focus will be the use of this technique within Urban classroom settings, the Garifuna Community of Honduras, Afro-Brazilian communities and the Caribbean.

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